Antje Ladstätter

Born 1962, and raised in a parsonage near Magdeburg, Antje Ladstätter had her first piano lessons at the age of 10. She studied piano, voice and dance correpetition, art song and improvisation in Leipzig (Wolf Reinhold, Peter Jarcho, amongst others).
With Palucca University since 1984, Antje Ladstätter has accompanied modern dance and new artistic dance (today referred to as improvisation), during which she uses purely pianistic means of classical origin. She was the last personal pianist to Gret Palucca until the famous dancer retired from teaching in 1990/1991. As solo pianist, she has represented the Palucca University of Dance Dresden in numerous productions both in Germany and abroad.
Engaged as well at the Dresden College of Music since 1990, Antje Ladstätter works with the same intensity accompanying students studying violin and double bass as an instrumental répétiteur.