Alexander Theny

Alexander Theny was born in Dresden in 1973. He received his music education at the Spezialschule für Musik Dresden in the subjects Violin and Piano, which later led to a study in correpitition/jazz at the College of Music in Dresden. His postgraduate studies consisted of participation in various improvisation and jazz courses as well as a four-year private study programme for organ. He has worked at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden since 1997 and is tenured since 2009.

Furthermore, he pursues a broad range of concert activities (focusing mainly on church music, jazz and free improvisation, and accompanying silent movies, chansons and song evenings), all of which form the basis for his musical diversity in his lessons. He continues to be involved as a musician in many dance projects and courses (Germany/France). Since 2004, he also occasionally works as a lecturer at the Dresden College of Music.