Prof. Juliana Sabino Wilhelm

Professor of Ballet


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Spinelli escola de danca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Private lessons under Yellê Bittencourt and Rosa Bustello, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Escola de danca Maria Olenewa do Theatro Municipal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • School of American Ballet, New York, USA
  • Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden (Apprentice Programme and MA Dance Teacher of ballet), Dresden, Germany


  • Semperoper Ballett, Dresden
  • AVA Dance Company, Dresden
  • Das Deutsche Fernsehballett, Berlin
  • Freelance dancer


  • Palucca University of Dance Dresden (since 2015 as artistic staff member, since 2019 as Professor of Ballet)
  • Mentor and lecturer in the area of ballet methodology within the context of a MA Dance Teacher study programme.
  • Jury member for various dance competitions
  • Guest trainer at a variety of institutions


For me personally, my responsibility and task as a dance teacher of ballet, this beautiful art form of dance which is complex in its technique, artistically expressive, unique, passionate and challenging, is to accompany, train, foster and support every individual on their journey. Not only as young dancers but also as distinctly different individuals who have distinct characters and needs. Above all, their development should be considered and planned individually. 

My teaching methods are influenced by the Vaganova method and also the Balanchine school. I was trained with these methods. I try to merge the best aspects of both of these in my teaching. Nevertheless, many of my ideas and views come from my experiences collected as a dancer and teacher, some come from contemporary dance and other methods of ballet. Musicality, expressiveness, port de bras, clean foot-work and coordination are very important to me because these are the essence of “dance”, in my opinion. Naturally, the work on clean moves, virtuosity, and technical body awareness must not be neglected, but I always try to do this work in an artistic way. It is important to me that young dancers sense my passion for dance and teaching and, that they understand that with passion, one can achieve much more and also have more fun in doing so. My goal is for every single student to find the best way for themselves to unfold and develop both as dancers and as humans.