Angelika Forner

Artistic Staff Member


Born in Meissen, Saxony


  • Diploma in choreography and dance teacher, Theatrehochschule Hans Otto, Leipzig


  • Freelance artist: shows and musicals
  • Choreographic work with students in the Orientation classes and Young Talents Programme, Palucca University of Dance
  • Choreography work with actors and dancers in the fields of show and musical at various theatres


  • Artistic assistant at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden since 1989/90, initially in Jazz Dance and Folk Dance; now Improvisation and Dance/Technique/Improvisation (TTI) = Basis Principles of Modern Dance and Child Dance Methodology


My aim as a teacher is to teach the principles of modern dance, These include the introduction to improvisation, learning the basic techniques and rehearsing choreographies. Apart from the work on technique, supporting the autonomy of the youngest students and the development of their own creative power is particularly important to me. A high degree of creativity is required for free dance, but not only there: the young dancers also learn to contribute their own ideas when creating their own choreographic structures and rehearsing études together. Initially the understanding of the body’s possibilities is promoted by playful structures; this is later built on with increasing technical demands and on-going creative processes.

In the subject Child Dance Education in the Dance Teacher programme, I prepare students for their professional careers. Classes cover the development of teaching concepts, structuring a lesson, methodological didactic approaches and technical and choreographic structures appropriate to the students’ ages.