Human Resources Development & Diversity

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden considers itself to be an open-minded educational institution, home to diversity, equal opportunity, plurality of opinions, and international exchange. The university is also a signatory to the Diversity Charter.

The University strives to create fair working conditions to achieve the highest possible job satisfaction for its employees by using the knowledge and skills of its staff members in the best possible and most responsible manner as well as promoting targeted human resources development. Thus, some of the most important goals in the area of Human Resources are the creation of an optimal work-life balance for all University employees, a lived family-friendliness, the continued development of an appreciative and responsible interaction with each other, healthy working and teaching conditions, and equal opportunities through the establishment of transparent structures.

Within the area of Internationalisation, the University has already established a great number of measures. Nevertheless, the Palucca University of Dance Dresden strives to take the process of internationalisation even further. In doing so, the University wants to make greater use of the advantages of its diverse university campus with its international instructors and international student body.