Family-friendly University

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden aims to be a family-friendly university for its students and also as an employer. For this purpose, the University undertakes to sign the Charta "Familie in der Hochschule" (“Family in the University Charter”) and become a member of the association “Family in the University e. V.” (“Familie in der Hochschule e. V.”).

Excerpts from the “Family in the University” Charter:

“The 'Family in the University' Charter was created on the basis of many years of experience made by the eponymous network. It is tailored to the higher academic educational system and is oriented toward the needs of students, employees, instructors, and researchers. The Charter defines the high standards that apply at those universities which have already developed their commitment to reconciling family responsibilities with studying, teaching, research and other scholastic-supportive activities. Through signing the Charter, universities can incorporate their family orientation into their professional profile and communicate their deep commitment publicly. The signatory universities work together in a close network where they can share the experiences of others and learn from each other.”