Staff Mobility for Teaching Assignments (STA)

ERASMUS+ supports guest lectureships at European partner universities holding valid ERASMUS Charters for Higher Education (ECHE). With their stay abroad, guest lecturers shall enhance the European dimension of their host university, broaden its course offer, and pass on their knowledge to those students who don’t want to or can’t study abroad. If possible, the development of common study programmes as well as an exchange of teaching content and methods shall be part of the guest lectureship. 

Moreover, staff from institutions in the European programme countries can be invited to our University for teaching purposes (incoming mobility).

Staff mobility must take place in an ERASMUS+ programme country which must not be the applicant’s country of principal residence. Teaching-staff stays within Europe last between two days and two months (travel time not included); the teaching load for each stay or each week or part thereof is a minimum of eight hours. 

The following persons are entitled to receive support:

  • Professors and lecturers with a contractual relationship to the university
  • Lecturers engaged on an unpaid basis
  • Teachers with work contracts
  • Emeritus professors and retired teachers
  • Research assistants
  • Staff from enterprises (incoming mobility)

Staff Mobility for Training Purposes (STT)

ERASMUS enables university staff to draw on professional development training in programme countries to promote the university’s internationalisation. 

University staff can receive funding for training and continuing education measures at a host university with an ECHE or any public or private organisation in other programme countries active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training and youth (e. g., language school). 

The stay abroad lasts a minimum of two days and a maximum of two months. University staff from all areas are entitled to receive support within the scope of further education and training.

For example, training can be taken in the following forms: 

  • Sitting in on lectures
  • Job shadowing
  • Study visits
  • Participation in workshops and seminars
  • Participation in language courses

The benefits of an ERASMUS+ stay abroad:

  • Stay abroad is based upon a defined programme    
  • Exchange of expertise and new perspectives   
  • Strengthening your own skills
  • Expanding and deepening of networks


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