On October 7, 2021, a virtual alumni seminar was held for the first time at the university. Under the topic "What carries your teaching? - Competence and action orientation in dance education", university didactician and communication manager Dr. Anja Centeno García discussed elements of didactic action in dance education with alumni. The seminar was followed by an informal get-together via a virtual social gathering platform. Many thanks to all participants!

For the first time ever, on 11-13 Oct. 2019, a dance therapy workshop was held for Palucca University of Dance Dresden international alumni. The workshop was conducted within the framework of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) alumni projects. The workshop was dedicated to the topic “Dance Therapy” and the associated professional perspectives for dancers, dance teachers and choreographers who have graduated from the University. The professional and musical direction for the workshop was provided by alumna Cornelia Widnmer (MA Choreography) and her husband Walter Widmer Here you will find the workshop programme as retrospective.

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden considers it a responsibility to offer its graduates further professional training opportunities as active support for the development of their professional perspectives. This University objective is supported by opportunities such as the Alumni Workshop for Dance Therapy in 2019. More opportunities for professional training for our alumni are in planning.