Avatâra Ayuso

Artistic Master Class '08

Since graduating from the Palucca University of Dance in 2008, lots of projects and artists have crossed my path. Choreography has allowed me to interact with very different sectors from Asia and Europe to the Americas and Africa, from Patagonia in Chile to Nunavut in the North Pole. Collaborating with artists from other cultures has shown me how astonishing creative minds are all over the world and how important our dance form is not only to create true empathy but also to serve as a bridge that connects people, cultures and even countries.

The idea of physical honesty has become a priority in my practice. I want the dancers to tell a physical truth, to get to a deep understanding of the potential of their body, to feel comfortable with it. I do believe that pushed to its limits of honesty, the body will always tell the truth: the body doesn’t lie. Being in our school was a very enriching experience, especially thanks to Jason Beechey. He changed my dancing life as he trusted and encouraged me to keep on growing as an artist. In the times we live in, let’s all trust and encourage each other to be the artists we want to be. The world needs creativity and we can be a channel for it.

Avatâra Ayuso is a 2008 graduate from the Artistic Master Class. She is the Artistic Director of AVA DANCE COMPANY based in London (UK) and founder and director of the charity  AWA DANCE (Advancing  Women’s  Aspirations with Dance), dedicated to the leadership empowerment of women and girls.