Pointe Shoes Sponsorship

Being able to dance en pointe or dance in pointe shoes is a very special step for the pupils at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. This step is usually completed between the ages of 11 and 12 and for many it marks the border between being a little girl and becoming a more mature dancer. However, it takes many years of dance and foot-technique training before dancing en pointe has that appearance of weightless grace that some prima ballerinas have. Next to having strong feet, the most important prerequisite for dancing en pointe is having the appropriate shoes.

A pair of pointe shoes costs about 60.00 Euros. During a BA Dance Programme academic year, a student can dance through three to four pairs of pointe shoes every month. For some pupils and students this is hardly affordable. That is why the Friends Association Palucca e.V. is constantly looking for pointe shoe sponsors. With a donation of 60.00 Euros, you can assume the cost for a pair of pointe shoes and with this directly help a young developing dancer. As a visible form of recognition for having assumed a “Pointe Shoe Sponsorship”, each donor is given a “Pointe Shoes Sponsor” button. We are also happy to send you a receipt for your contribution if you give us your name and address.


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