Förderverein Palucca e. V.

The non-profit friends association Förderverein Palucca e. V. was founded in 1995. Since that time, it has supported pupils and students at Palucca University of Dance Dresden, purposefully helping them during their studies and supporting individual student projects in the spirit of Gret Palucca. You, too, can become a member of Palucca e. V. and add your support to our association’s work through either a one-time or permanent donation or become a pointe shoes sponsor. By doing so you are directly helping young students with their training. As a member of our association, you have the chance to experience our young talents’ typical day of training and their range of subjects while sitting in on lectures at the University or attending public performances. 

Pointe Shoes Sponsorship

Each student requires many pairs of pointe shoes per semester. A pair of pointe shoes costs about 60.00 EUR. It is possible to dance through three to four pairs of pointe shoes in one month. This is a huge financial burden for the students. That is why Palucca e. V. is constantly looking for new pointe shoe sponsors. With a donation of 60.00 EUR (please use the heading “Pointe Shoes”) you can assume the costs for a pair of pointe shoes and, in return for your donation, you will receive a “Pointe Shoe Sponsor” button. We are also happy to send you a receipt for your contribution if you give us your name and address.

Donation Account

Ostsächsische Sparkasse

IBAN: DE44 8505 0300 3120 2631 08




Ostsächsische Sparkasse

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Vereinssatzung und Mitgliedsantrag

If you would like to find out more about the work of Palucca e. V. or become a member, you will find the necessary documents here: