Study Programmes

At the Palucca University of Dance Dresden, the education and training for becoming a dancer can begin at the age of 10. The students in school years 5 (O1) and 6 (O2) attend the integrated Secondary School in Orientation Classes. School years 7 (N1) to 10 (N4) are in the Young Talents Programme. In the final year of the Young Talents Programme, the decision concerning admissions to the three-year BA Dance Programme is taken.

The University offers master degree programmes in both Dance Teacher (on-campus and work study) and Choreography. The curriculum is built upon the three pillars ballet, contemporary/modern dance, and improvisation. Following this, dance graduates with excellent study achievements (one to two participants per study year) can do an individual study programme: the Artistic Master Class Programme.  

In addition to many other dance institutions in Germany and abroad, the University cooperates with the Semperoper Ballet Dresden within the scope of the Apprentice Programme. Selected students participate in rehearsals, trainings and performances at the Semperoper Ballet. In addition, there are individual rehearsals, lectures and mentorships with artists from the respective companies.

Also international students have the opportunity to complete an Exchange Student Programme at Palucca University of Dance Dresden.