Apprentice Programme

Please note: We no longer accept applications for the season 2023/24.

How to apply

The audition for the Apprentice Programme is a two-step process:


Please send your complete application documents as specified in the IAP Guidelines to Lydia.Holter(at)  

After that, you will receive an appointment for participati n in a training session at the Semperoper Ballet.

Then, selected candidates will be asked to submit a video link with a contemporary (dance) solo to the Palucca University of Dance Dresden:

Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden
Prof. Jason Beechey
Basteiplatz 4 | 01277 Dresden - Germany


After having looked at the video-link, the candidates will be informed by the Palucca University of Dance Dresden as to whether the application was successful. Following this, they may enrol at the University.

The Apprentice Programme spans the theatre season/academic year in which the apprentice acquires the status of student at the Palucca University as well as a contract at the Semperoper Ballet.

Semester tuition in the amount of 278.10 EUR must be paid as of the semester in which the student turns 21 years of age. All other persons pay a semester tuition of 230.10 EUR.