The Artistic Master Class Programme is an individual study programme in the areas of dance, choreography or dance teacher and involves working with a dedicated professor-mentor from Palucca University of Dance Dresden.

This programme is directed towards dancers, choreographers and dance teachers who have completed their dance-related university studies. Admissions to the Artistic Master Class programme is decided upon by an internal University board of examiners.


The studies in the Artistic Master Class aim to deepen the artistic-practical abilities and skills and serves to promote artistic developmental plans/projects.

An individual study programme is created for each student from the curriculum from the dance, choreography, and dance teacher study programmes at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. This curriculum can be supplemented through partnerships, e.g. with other institutes of higher education and universities.

The art and scope of the planned courses are regulated in the individual study programmes and the required achievements in dance, choreography, pedagogy or academics are defined.

A Master Class Commission, which is appointed by the University’s Senate, confirms the individual study programme.

An individual study programme avails itself of the following methods of learning as is suitable for the individual study objectives:

As participant:

  • Practical trainings,
  • Rehearsals,
  • Lectures, and
  • Seminars.

As instructor/practitioner

  • Participation in Palucca University of Dance Dresden performances,
  • Choreography rehearsals, and
  • Teaching.

At the end of the second semester, the participating students are obligated to provide limited services as teachers (tutors).

The assigned activities may not exceed five semester-hours a week per semester. The teaching/tutorial contents and their execution are defined in the individual study programmes. They are to be conceived in such a way that they contribute to the deepening of the artistic-practical skills and also the artistic-academic skills of each participating student.

The standard period of study is four semesters including the examination period.


    After passing the master class exam, you will receive a certificate.


      Photos: © Costin Radu | © Bettina Stöß