Natalie Wagner

(artistic director of the dance company and chief choreographer at Landesbühnen Sachsen since the season 2022/23)

Artistic Master Class 2022

Before the Artistic Master Class, Natalie Wagner completed the MA Choreography Programme at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden.

For the Artistic Master Class, the research topic had to be determined first. The interaction between audience and dancers in terms of heart rate and the interaction between dancers and choreographers were identified as research topics. Due to the measures that were taken during the Covid pandemic, however, the research focus had to be changed.

The final research topic was titled:

Professional identity – What does it mean to be a professional dance artist nowadays? How do dancers perceive themselves in relation to the labour market and are there differences between freelancers and fully employed dance artists?

In the process of the research work, personal interviews and a Germany-wide online survey was carried out. This was specifically geared towards dance professionals. A major selection point for those surveyed was the number of years of professional experience. In addition, further conclusions could be drawn in the area of system relevance, the status in society, and the perception of the job and how it is structured in reality.

Referring to her research results, Natalie Wagner designed adapted seminars for dance students and dance professionals. The seminars were also exam situations. The self-acquired knowledge through the evaluation of recognized studies as well as the own survey results could be incorporated and used in the seminar.

The final exam included the "Performance Lecture" – the choreographic work was successfully implemented with the installation and the presentation of research results.

Ms. Natalie Wagner has thus been able to realize her personal goal of enriching and enlightening the dance scene with the research results and the seminars.

Highlights during the study period were the support and encouragement of the mentor to be able to pursue her independence and her own interest with her own handwriting.

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