Upgrade Semesterticket to Deutschlandticket

Target group: Students

With the introduction of the Deutschlandticket on 01.05.2023, our students can enjoy low-cost mobility throughout Germany on all local transport in 2nd class. As a holder of a valid VVO semester ticket, you will only pay the difference between your monthly semester fee and the price of the Deutschlandticket. For only 28.69 EUR per month, you can upgrade your semester ticket to the Deutschlandticket. Both joining and leaving the upgrade subscription are possible at the beginning of each month. If the upgrade is not cancelled, it will continue to run until the end of the respective semester at the most.

The upgrade can only be purchased via RIDEcampus. The RIDEcampus software will check whether you have student status at our university for the respective calendar month based on the data you entered, in compliance with all data protection requirements. If the check result is positive, you will be prompted to enter the desired start date and your preferred method of payment. Upon completion, you will receive an electronic ticket which you can either retrieve via the web application or store in the wallet function of your smartphone. With each change of month, a new ticket will be sent to you automatically if you do not cancel the upgrade subscription at the end of the month. Please continue to have your VVO semester ticket ready when you are checked and show it on request.


Link to RIDEcampus: https://abo.ride-ticketing.de/app/login?partnerId=d98521e9782766c445a880372d20b11c

Please use your Palucca account credentials to log in.


If you have any further questions about the usability of the Deutschlandticket, the subscription conditions of the upgrade, or the VVO semester ticket, please contact the VVO customer service on 0351-8526555.