Palucca Account

Target Group: all university members

The Palucca Account is the hub for accessing centrally provided digital services at Palucca University.

Student login credentials are provided by their respective program directors upon enrolment. Highschool students at our school receive their login information from their class teachers. Additionally, there is an introductory event held at the beginning of each winter and summer semester, where the services are briefly explained. Staff members receive their login credentials, along with the welcome package, from the Human Resources Department. Guests have the option to obtain a time-limited account, allowing them to access the internet via Wi-Fi or to gain access to the scheduling of classes and rooms.

These accounts and services are exclusively intended for university affiliates. Sharing passwords is strictly prohibited. Please treat your login information responsibly – compromised accounts pose a significant security risk. If you suspect any hacked accounts, please inform the Organization/IT Department immediately!

Using the Palucca Account

The Palucca Account consists of two main components: the username and the password. The username always follows the pattern of the first letter of the first name, followed by a period and the full last name (e.g. m.mustermann). The individual accounts are generated automatically. If there are any issues with implementing the names (e.g. incorrect name used as an abbreviation), please contact the Organization/IT Department.

For certain services, the personal Palucca e-mail address must be used instead of the username, or a separate password or PIN is required. Almost all services are connected to our central Identity Management (IDM) to enable a unified login for all services (Single Sign-On, SSO). However, this doesn't apply to all services. Nevertheless, we are aiming to integrate both future as well as existing services into the IDM. Below, you will find an overview of the services and the corresponding login information required for each service: