Stays Abroad

The following information is intended for: those studying at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden

The Palucca University of Dance Dresden actively promotes stays abroad for its students (e. g., within the framework of Summer Courses or Workshops) particularly at the University’s Cooperation Partners and Partner Institutions. A stay abroad during your studies can bring benefits to you, not only for your educational development but on a personal level as well, and above all, it is an experience that you will look back on your entire life. On the following links, an introduction to the mobility programmes ERASMUS and PROMOS is provided along with funding possibilities such as International BAföG and other funding options.

In order to have a good start on your adventures abroad, you should plan a sufficient amount of time for preparing and organising your stay. These tips will help you:

Preliminary considerations and funding

  • Study programme, internship, summer course or something completely different - there are a multitude of possibilities. Inform yourselves about Palucca University exchange programmes and projects such as, for example, the ERASMUS+ Programme.
  • What sort of possibilities for financial support are there (scholarships, federal grants, student loans, foundations)?
  • Are my language skills sufficient and, if not, how can I improve them? Will it be necessary to take a language test to prove my language competence in order to be accepted for a study programme or internship?

Preparing for a Stay Abroad

If you have decided that you want to spend part of your study programme abroad, then you should begin as early as possible - at least one year in advance - with planning and preparation. Some important aspects to consider:

  • What are the rules regarding entry and residence permits? Is a visa necessary? If so, how does one apply for this?
  • What application documents will I need? (e. g., translations of transcripts, diplomas, certifications, or expert opinions)
  • What deadlines need to be met? (e. g., application deadlines, language test date, deadlines for scholarships or federal grants for studying abroad etc.)
  • What sorts of accommodations are there?
  • Do I need additional international health insurance?
  • What sort of medical precautionary measures (vaccines etc.) need to be taken before traveling? Which medications do I need to take with me (doctor’s appointment)?

Preparation for studying at a foreign institution: Obtain information about the host university

  • How is the study programme structured? (academic year, semester/trimester, courses, methods of examination etc.)
  • Are there any admission restrictions for the desired degree programme or is it necessary to take an aptitude test or do an audition before admission?
  • Are there application deadlines and enrolment dates?
  • Do I need to take a language test before being admitted for a study programme? (If necessary: dates, examination site, requirements, period of validity)
  • What is the procedure for getting recognition for the academic studies and examinations taken abroad?
  • Do tuition fees apply at the host university? If yes, in what amount?