School Concept

The pupils in our secondary school learn in small classes (about 15-20 children) in modern, excellently equipped classrooms with an attractive friendly atmosphere. Providing an all-round education, there is only one class for each grade.

Classes take place daily between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.. The pupils are educated in compliance with the Free State of Saxony curriculum. However, because of the daily dance training, slight modifications have been made to the syllabus. For example, in contrast to other secondary level schools, in grade 5 (Orientation level 1-O1) we teach the subject “dance theory”. All of the elective courses are dance courses. Religious education and ethics are taught one hour per week in all grades. Sport is completely replaced by daily dance training as sport is considered to be an integral feature of dance. Informatics is taught from grade 8 onwards. In grade 10, geography and history are no longer taught. Instead, art and music are included in the syllabus. In order to facilitate a possible transfer to a non-specialised senior secondary school, French is taught as a second foreign language in the orientation level 2 (O2).  

Being a pupil at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden means holding up to a high standard in both the theoretical and dance-related courses and training. Both areas demand good and very good grades in order to get and keep one of these coveted study places.

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Civics/Legal education--1122
Religious Education/Ethics²111111
Economics, Crafts and Home
Economics (WTH)/Social education
Dance Studies/Anatomy³22----
Remedial classes--2222
Dance8    9,7512,7512  13  13,75

² Choice between Protestant religion or Catholic religion or ethics.
³ The Dance lessons replace the school sport, which is not taught.