Training for Dance Teachers

The course Training for Dance Teachers is directed toward professionally employed dance teachers who are working within the Community Dance and/or Non-professional sector and who wish to expand or add to the already garnered knowledge. The training focuses on the expansion of knowledge of practical examples, going more into depth on anatomical-physiological contexts, and the ability to apply the newly gained theoretical knowledge in a targeted manner. 

The course structure is divided into four modules. As the modules’ contents are independent from each other and the modules are self-contained, they can be attended independently from one another. The entire training series 1 to 4 will be repeated and restarted every year in November (one-year rhythm).

Participation is limited to between six and 12 persons for each module.

A dance teacher educational background is a prerequisite for attending these training courses. Therefore, all applicants must have either completed a study in dance teacher (BA or MA Diploma, Dipl.-Dance Teacher) or have been continuously active as dance teachers over a period of at least five years. This professional course will be held in German, therefore advanced German proficiency is strongly recommended for international course participants.

A participation fee in the amount of 150.00 Euro will be charged for each module.

After the completion of one or more modules, you will receive a confirmation of participation and a personal certificate.

Module 1 - “Body Awareness” on Sat., 16 & Sun., 17 November 2019 (WS 19/20)

Module 2 - “Community Dance/Target-Group Appropriate Dance” on Sat., 14 & Sun., 15 November 2020 (WS 20/21)

Module 3 - “Knowledge Sharing” in November 2021 (the exact dates will be announced in a timely manner)

Module 4 - “MOVEMENT - explore/sense creatively” in November 2022 (the exact dates will be announced in a timely manner)

Module 1 - Body Awareness

  • Body Awareness
  • Kinesthetic Perception
    • Somatics
    • Dance Medicine
  • Pilates


Module 2 - “Community Dance/Target-Group Appropriate Dance” 

  • TTI methodology (dance-technique-improvisation) (with répétiteur)
  • Folklore methodology (with répétiteur)
  • Target-group appropriate dance methodology

The workshop started with a 45-minute workout (Pilates): The participants acquired practical and theoretical knowledge over a period of 15 hours.


Module 3 - “Knowledge Sharing”

  • Methodology/didactics of ballet (with répétiteur)
  • Methodology/didactics of contemporary/modern dance (with répétiteur)
  • Movement analysis according to Laban

The workshop begins with a 45-minute workout (Pilates). The module lasts 15 hours in its entirety.


Module 4 - „MOVEMENT – explore/sense creatively”

  • Improvisation methodology (with répétiteur)
  • Partnering/contact -improvisation-methodology (with répétiteur)
  • Composition (with répétiteur)

The workshop begins with a 45-minute workout (Pilates). The duration of the module is 15 hours in its entirety.

This cycle ends with the completion of the fourth module. However, the series of workshops begin again with the Module 1 to 2.

The deadline for registering for Module 1 is Monday, 4 November 2019


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