Young Talents Programme (School Years 7 to 10)

Are you already a young dancer and would like to join the Palucca University of Dance Dresden? At our school, you don't have to decide between ballet and contemporary, because we promote and teach both styles equally. What is required, however, is the joy of dancing and a certain acting talent as well as stamina. Previous knowledge of dancing is also important and should correspond to the respective class level.

Do you have all these requirements or are you close to achieving them? Then come to our audition. Here you can register and find all the important information.

We are looking forward to your application!

  • Rich fantasy in movement, joy in dancing, talent for acting
  • Above-average flexibility and an athletic physical build
  • Pronounced musicality
  • Previous experience in dance corresponding to the demanded level for the respective class
  • International applicants: good command of the German language (evidenced by a language certificate)

These prerequisites will be assessed during admissions procedures (aptitude test and audition).  

The application deadline for the personal participation in the apitude test: 18 December 2023



For this, the completed application form together with the required documents, proof of having paid the application fee, and the respective video link must be sent to Office of Student Affairs before the application deadline. The deadline for video applications is 29 February 2024 (end of application period).

When sending the video link, please observe the following:

  • The link must show the applicant’s skills in ballet, contemporary/modern dance and, for applicants in the 8th school year or higher, improvisation as well.
  • The assessment standard is the dancing performance level in the corresponding Young Talents Classes.
  • The video should not be longer than a total of 20 minutes.
  • Video applications can only be considered as aptitude tests. After a successful aptitude test, an audition is held as a rule during a trial week.

The application for admission requires a written application (for admission). This must have been received by postal mail or email in the Office of Student Affairs by the application deadline as set for the respective study year. The application must include:

  • Tabular resume (CV) with photo (see sample under the section “Forms”)
  • Copy of the most recent general education school certificate or information regarding the last half-year
  • Proof of payment of the application fee
  • At the latest by enrolment:
    • Submission of a doctor’s certificate confirming the particular endurance in regard to a dance study programme*
    • Proof of German language skills by means of a language certificate, at least level A2*

The following requirements must be observed:

  • Email applications are to be compiled in a PDF-summary file and should not exceed a file size of 3 MB.
  • Applicants who apply over the postal mail system, please refrain from using an application portfolio.
  • Please do not send any original documents.
  • Submitted documents cannot be returned.

Pursuant to Sec. 19 (2) of the law regulating the autonomy of the universities in the Free State of Saxony (SächsHSFG), admission to the Young Talents Classes requires that the applicants have special artistic talents, which are assessed during the admissions procedures.

* Foreign applicants need to submit a certified English or German translation of their CV, certificates and medical certificate   

Aptitude Tests

Place: Palucca University of Dance Dresden

  • 16 September 2023 (application deadline: 1 September 2023)
  • 13 January 2024 (application deadline: 18 December 2023)

Place: Palucca University of Dance Dresden

  • in form of a trial week and after a passed aptitude test by individual appointment 

The aptitude test consists of an anatomical test and a dance test. In the anatomical test, the physical aptitude of the participants will be reviewed. The anatomical test is conducted and accompanied by our physiotherapists. The participants should do a warm up on their own before the the test begins.

During the dance test the artistic aptitude will be checked. The dance test consists of a classical training and a training in modern dance & improvisation. Here, the previous dance knowledge in the area, which should correspond to the level of the corresponding class of Young Talents Programme, will be checked. Other criteria such as movement imagination, musicality, motivation and dance presence play a role, too. A more detailed description and a list of the criteria can be found in the admission regulations for the Young Talents Programme under the following link: N-Klassen_Zulassungsordnung_2019_10_10.pdf (

The dance test takes place as a group test under the guidance of a dance teacher from the university in German language.

An application fee of 30.00 EUR* is charged for each application. The application fee is due at the time of submission of the application documentation and will be not refunded. A copy of the receipt showing payment (e. g., copy of a transfer voucher) is to be included with the application documentation.

Please transfer the amount to the following account:

Recipient: Hauptkasse Sachsen

Address of Recipient: Stauffenbergallee 2, 01099 Dresden

IBAN: DE 06 8600 0000 0086 0015 19


Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank

Reference: 7040.00602-1, Family name, first name of the applicant, N-Class

*Subject to change without notification

Semester tuition in the amount of 236,30 EUR is to be paid.

For the first degree study in the Young Talents Programme, there is no tuition fee.

For enrolments or re-matriculation after the enrolment or re-matriculation deadline, a fee of 25.00 EUR will be charged (Sections 3 (1) and 5 (1) of the Fees and Compensation Regulations at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden).