The application portal is closed. There will be no enrollment for the academic year 2023. In the Master's program in choreography, enrollment takes place every two years and always in the winter semester of even-numbered years, next time in the winter semester 2024/25.

The requirements for the master’s degree in choreography are:

  • a general or subject-specific university entrance qualification according to § 17 (2) SächsHSFG
  • usually several years of dance practice
  • a choreographic career that has already started or the successful presentation of own choreographies as well as proof of practical professional experience of usually not less than one year

Some of the courses take place via an internet-based teaching program (OPAL) and help students plan their time flexibly and tailor their studies to their personal needs.

In the Master’s programme choreography, enrollment takes place every two years, always in the winter semester of even-numbered years, next time in the winter semester 2024/25.

The next application period with the upcoming dates of the entrance exams in 2024 will be announced in time.

Enrolment is preceded by an online application process with pre-selection and entrance exam. Simultaneous enrollment for the same course at several art colleges is not permitted.

The purpose of the admission procedure is to determine the special artistic talent including the associated job-specific abilities and skills. The admission procedure consists of a review of the application documents and a subsequent entrance exam. Anyone who meets the requirements for studying and can be expected to have particular artistic aptitude takes part in the entrance examination.

In the Master's programme choreography enrolment takes place every two years, always in the winter semester of even-numbered years (next to winter semester 2024/25).

The lessons are held in English. A C1 certificate must be submitted by the end of the second semester. Further information and institutions that offer the C1 certificate can be found here.


Enrolment is preceded by an admission procedure. Simultaneous admission to the same course of study at several art academies is excluded. The admission procedure at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden consists of a pre-selection and an online entrance examination.

As part of the pre-selection, the following application documents to be submitted will be examined and must be attached to the application for admission:

  • Certified copies or transcripts of certificates regarding university or subject-specific university entrance qualification and professional practice (international certificates as certified translations)
  • Motivation letter in the English language, including presentation of the artistic and cultural interests in and motivational reasons for this study programme
  • As part of the application documents, a written concept (in PDF format) must be submitted. This concept should refer to one of the applicant's own choreographic projects and should not exceed 1500 characters. It should include the theme of this creation as well as other important aspects or references that the applicant perceives as important in order to have full access to the artistic project. The concept needs to be submitted in English.
  • Portfolio, in the English language, containing the works up to date in the area of performing arts in the form of video-links (Portals: Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube; maximum of10 Links; max. of 60 minutes total length) and an overview of the applicant’s own choreographic work
  • Two references
  • A tabular resume (CV) with precise information regarding your previous education as well as previous artistic experience
  • or, if appropriate, evidence concerning your study periods to date as well as results of your studies or tests and a certificate of non-objection from the examination office
  • Proof of knowledge of the English language according to Admissions Regulations MA Choreography Section 2 (1)
  • For English language native speakers, the submission of proof does not apply.

If the pre-selection is passed, the applicant will be admitted to the online audition. The online audition consists of:

  1. a choreographic task with a piece of music to be selected from six given musical examples and interpreted by the applicant in dance; this choreographic task is to be submitted by video link;
  2. a compositional task in the form of a video without editing of at least one minute up to a maximum of two minutes; this compositional task is to be submitted by video link;
  3. a written reflection on a given topic (1-2 A4 standard pages); this written reflection must be submitted as a PDF file;
  4. the oral analysis of a given short dance video
  5. the presentation of an own choreography of approx. 5-10 minutes duration; this presentation is to be submitted via video link
  6. an interview with the applicant

The components 1., 2., 3. and 5. mentioned in paragraph 1 must be provided by the applicant in the in paragraph 1 specified digital form until 10:00 a.m. CET on the day before the date of the audition. Applicants will receive the assignment for this 72 hours before the submission deadline mentioned in sentence 1. The oral analysis of a given short dance video according to paragraph 4 will take place during the interview.

A semester tuition in the amount of 516,70EUR must be paid as of the semester in which the student turns 21 years of age. For other age groups, the semester tuition is 468,70 EUR